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JMoriarty :: 07.03.2020 ob 6:34
Hello dear forum users!

♔ The first round is over ♔
Welcome to the next round.

The contract was successfully closed in that hash of transaction - 0xc9086161856c6dd0fc30ec14defc85d359760e9afc51617036f5239a150e4151.

23.19 ETH of residual funds (10% of the maximum amount of deposits, according to the rules of the project) was sent to the original account.

The contract ended much faster than we expected. This is due to the panic over the last day - the largest output was made by the player with the address 0x452869b8bcee11d3bd69fc0f09f4b08b9ec8e100 which brought 12 ETH in this transaction: 0x44a3266e168e065e255d4fdcebbebfebfebf1e.

Congratulations to the winners.

Unfortunately, many players didn't make funds withdrawal, such was the risk - "All or Nothing."

....... ...

We're glad to announce the second round of the project that'll launch soon.

We understood that the first round was limited in time and might close at any time, so we began to think about the concept of the new game.

We took into account your advice and recommendations for improving the project, and we've made the next innovations for no such risk in the second round:
✅ Ability to withdraw the profit at any time of game;
✅ No combustion of the deposit body;
✅ New graphics dynamics developed

Also we added some pleasant surprises in the game mode!

Follow the news and wait for the start!
Respectfully, Moriarty's team.

poslano v temi :: New BlockChain Moriarty game on Smart Contract
JMoriarty :: 05.03.2020 ob 21:23
Hello dear forum users!
We are in a hurry to inform you about the latest news ♔MORIARTY♔

✅ Launching the beta version of the CrashLine mini-game inside the platform.
You can learn the game algorithm in a demo mode for conditional money. In the near future there will be an official launch of the game in Ethereum currency.

Have a nice and profitable game!
Sincerely, Moriarty’s team.

poslano v temi :: New BlockChain Moriarty game on Smart Contract
brilj310 :: 03.03.2020 ob 17:18
Pridobite 580 satoshijev vsako uro. Najbolje plačan faucet, kar sem jih dobil na spleetu do zdaj.

poslano v temi :: pridobi 580 satoshi vsako uro
Pes :: 02.03.2020 ob 21:04
Pes :: 29.02.2020 ob 18:06

TT-Miner Version 3.1.1 is available (Windows & Linux release)
Please note that the Linux release of TT-Miner requires Ubuntu 18.04 or later!

The miner required about 4-5 minutes until it shows a stable hashrate. To get independent information about miner speeds you should always compare hashrates @ the pool, shares @ the pool or just the profit you made.

The DevFee is 1% for all algos.

Download link - windows version: here

Download link - linux version: here

You might need latest c++ runtime for beta 6 if you see a missing VCRUNTIME140_1.dll

Version 3.2.2
- NEW: support for Kadena (Blake2S) Pool/Solo
mining to pool:
TT-Miner.exe -A BLAKE2S -coin kda -luck -log -logpool -P
mining to node:
TT-Miner.exe -A BLAKE2S -coin kda -luck -log -logpool -P https://YOUR_WALLET@NODE_SERVER:NODE_PORT
- NEW: support for SSL connection
- NEW: -cid / set a constant Kadena ChainID
cid accepts one or more ids. If you want to receive work only for chain IDs 5 and
8 you want to add this option to your command line: -cid 5,8
- NEW: -tbr / set the time between two requests for work. Default is set to 8 which equals 800ms
If you see disconnections to your node, you may ask too fast for new work. In this case
you can increase the time between two new-work-requests. On the other hand an increase pause will
make it more likely that you have an orphan block! So please take care to set this value.
-tbr 9 will set the time to 900ms

TT-Miner is now included in MMP OS and simplemining!

Supported algorithms:
- PROGPOW092 (Sero & EPIC)
- ETHASH (ETH, ETC, Music, Callisto, etc)
- MTP (Zcoin)
- LYRA2REV3 (Vertcoin)
- BLAKE2S (Kadena)

TT-Miner support mining Ethash on Nicehash.

In the current version the miner support cuda 9.2, 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2. If you want to make sure that TT-Miner uses a certain cuda version please append one of these values, if you do not append any of them, the miner will always use the algo for the latest cuda version:

-92 for cuda 9.20 (ETHASH-92, UBQHASH-92)
-100 for cuda 10.00 (ETHASH-100, PROGPOW-100)
-101 for cuda 10.10 (ETHASH-101, MTP-101)
-102 for cuda 10.20 (ETHASH-102, MTP-102)

Please note these requirements for the different cuda toolkit releases:
Cuda-Toolkit Linux Windows
CUDA 10.2.89 >= 440.33 >= 441.22
CUDA 10.1.105 >= 418.39 >= 418.96
CUDA 10.0.130 >= 410.48 >= 411.31
CUDA 9.2.148 >= 396.37 >= 398.26

Please make sure that you should not have -RH or -rate on your command line. Nicehash doesn't not like hashrate reporting and will disconnect if this notification is sent.

Please find below the available parameter and arguments, arguments in [] are not required:

-a, -A, -algo ALGONAME select the algorithm to use for mining
ETHASH Ethash (ETH, ETC, Music, Callisto, etc)
UBQHASH Ubiq version of Dagger-Hashimoto (UBIQ)
PROGPOW ProgPoW (BitcoinInterest)
PROGPOW092 ProgPoW-Rev.0.9.2 (Sero,EPIC)
MTP MTP (Zcoin algo)
LYRA2V3 Lyra2 Revision 3 (Vertcoin)
EAGLESONG EagleSong (CKB-Nervos)
BLAKE2S Blake2S (KDA-Kadena)

This parameter will always load the algo that fits best to the installed driver. If you want
to make sure that TT-Miner uses a certain cuda version please append one of these values:
-92 for cuda 9.20 (ETHASH-92, UBQHASH-92)
-100 for cuda 10.00 (ETHASH-100, PROGPOW-100)
-101 for cuda 10.10 (ETHASH-101, MTP-101)
-102 for cuda 10.20 (ETHASH-102, MTP-102)

-d, -device, -devices Comma or space separated list of devices that should be used mining. IDs starts with 0

-work-timeout NOT supported (ignored)
-coin NOT supported (ignored)
-i, -mi, -intensity Comma or space separated list of intensities that should be used mining. First value
for first GPU and so on. A single value sets the same intensity to all GPUs. A value
of -1 uses the default intensity of the miner. A sample may look like this:
-i 18,17,-1,18 sets intensity of 18 to the first and fourth GPU, 17 to the
second and the third keeps the default of the miner. The GPUs
are the GPUs you may have selected with the -d parameter. If you
have installed 6 GPUs and use -d 3 4, the parameter -i 19 18
will set the intensity of 19 to your system GPU 3 and 18 to GPU 4.

-i auto INT INT INT TT-Miner will iterarate throu some gridsizes to find the best for you system and algo combination.
-i auto 1024 8192 256 will go from 1024 to 8192 with a stepsize of 256. If the iteration finishes TT
will print the results to the screen.

-ig, -gs intensity grid/grid-size. Same as intensity (-i, -intensity) just defines the size for the grid directly.
This will give you more and finer control about the gridsize.

API options Monitor/Control:
-b, --api-bind IP[ort] enables the monitoring API of TT-Miner to the IP address. If you
omit the port, port 4068 is used as default
--api-type Protocol TCP/WebSocket - parameter ignored
--api-password password assigns a password to the API

Parameter without argument
-RH, -rate Reports the current hashrate every 90 seconds to the pool
-n, -list, -ndevs List the detected CUDA devices and exit
-logpool Enable logging of the pool communication. TT-Miner creates the pool-logfile in the folder 'Logs'.
-log Enable logging of screen output and additional information, the file is created in the folder 'Logs'.
-luck Show a second information line that shows you how long it should take to find a new solution (share).
Additionally the time already spend on the new solutions is printed and also a 'luck' value
in percent that shows you the progress. Values below 100% indicate that there is still time
left until the next solution should be found. Values above 100% indicate that the miner needs
more time to find the new share than expected. These values are 'long term' statistical
-U, --nvidia Mining using CUDA devices (just for combability - can be omitted)
-X Mining with OpenCL (just for combability - NOT supported)
-G, --amd Mining using AMD devices (just for combability - NOT supported)
-h, --help Show this help and exit
-v, --version Show TT-Miner version and exit
-nocolor Disables color output

Pool definition - defines all values that are required for a connection to a mining pool.
-P [scheme://]user/wallet[.workername/username][assword]@hostnameort

The minimal definition to connect to a pool is:

With all options it look like this

'stratum+tcp://' is not required because TT-Miner will automatically detect the
correct stratum protocol in use.
The first -P will define your primary pool, all following -P definition will work as
backup/failover pool.

-w, worker YOUR_WORKER

Same set for the alternate coin if you mine EPIC


-PP INT Process-Priority
This option set the process priority for TT-Miner to a different level:
1 low
2 below normal
3 normal
4 above normal
5 high
Default: -PP 3

-PRHRI INT Performance-Report Hash-Rate Interval
Performance-Report & information after INT multiple of one minute. Minimum value for INT to
1 which creates a hashrate interval of a minute. Higher Intervals gives you a more stable
hashrate. If the interval is too high the displayed average of your hashrate will change
very slowly. The default of 2 will give you an average of 2 minutes.
Default: -PRHRI 2

-PRT INT Performance-Report & information after INT multiple of 5 seconds
Set INT to 0 to disable output after a fixed timeframe
sample -RPT 24 shows the performance report after 24 * 5 sec = 2 minutes
Default: -PRT 3

-PRS INT Performance-Report & information after a INT shares found
Set INT to 0 to disable output after a fixed number of shares
sample -RPS 10 shows the performance report after 10 shares were found
Default: -PRS 0

Mixed sample:
- You want to see the performance report all 25 shares and all 30 secs:
-PRS 25 -PRT 6
- You do not want to see any performance report:
-PRT 0

-coin defines the coin you want to mine. That helps for connection to some pools (SERO) and can
avoid unnecessary DAG creation for the DevFee

A sample command line might look like this:

Stating from version 2.1.5 TT-Miner can understand most of the used command line arguments. If you already use any miner it should be OK just to replace the program name an leave the remaining arguments as they are. If you have a combination that TT-Miner does not understand please let me know so that I can fix that.

If you look for possible command line options please start the miner with the -h or --help option: TT-Miner.exe -h

TT-Miner is NOT free of bugs, so if you find one please help to make TT-Miner better and report it to me so that I have a chance to fix it.

Happy mining!

poslano v temi :: TT-Miner 3.2.2: Win & Linux ProgPoW, MTP, EAGLESONG, EPIC, ETHASH, Blake2S
Pes :: 28.02.2020 ob 18:30
This is the home of cpuminer-opt, the optimized CPU miner.


Supporting over 90 agorithms with many optimized for CPUs with the latest technologies:

AMD Ryzen: AVX2, SHA
Intel Skylake X: AVX512
Intel Icelake: AVX512, SHA, and VAES (source code only at this time)

Older CPUs with SSE2 are also supported.

Unique features

Block and share time estimates.

True hashrate reporting with comparison with actual share submission rate.


Windows binaries can be downloaded from - here

New in v3.12.4.5

Issue #246: better stale share detection for getwork, and enhanced logging
of stale shares for stratum & getwork.

Issue #251: fixed incorrect share difficulty and share ratio in share
result log.

Changed submit log to include share diff and block height.

Small cosmetic changes to logs.

New in v3.12.4.4

Issue #246: Fixed net hashrate in getwork block log,
removed duplicate getwork block log,
other small tweaks to stats logs for getwork.

Issue #248: Fixed chronic stale shares with scrypt:1048576 (scryptn2).

Errata: RELEASE_NOTES incorrectly reports the version as v3.12.5.

New in v3.12.4.3

Fixed segfault in new block log for getwork.

Disabled silent discarding of stale work after the submit is logged.

New in v3.12.4.2

Issue #245: fixed getwork stale shares, solo mining with getwork now works.

Issue #246: implemented block and summary logs for getwork.

New in v3.12.4.1

Issue #245: fix scantime when mining solo with getwork.

Added debug logs for creation of stratum and longpoll threads, use -D to

New in v3.12.4

Issue #244: Change longpoll to ignore job id.

Lyra2rev2 AVX2 +3%, AVX512 +6%.

New in v3.12.3.1

Issue #241: Fixed regression that broke coinbase address in v3.11.2.

New in v3.12.3

Issue #238: Fixed skunk AVX2.

Issue #239: Faster AVX2 & AVX512 for skein +44%, skein2 +30%, plus marginal
increases for skunk, x16r, x16rv2, x16rt, x16rt-veil, x16s, x21s.

Faster anime VAES +57%, AVX512 +21%, AVX2 +3%.

Redesigned code reponsible for issue #236.

New in v3.12.3

Issue #238: Fixed skunk AVX2.

Issue #239: Faster AVX2 & AVX512 for skein +44%, skein2 +30%, plus marginal
increases for skunk, x16r, x16rv2, x16rt, x16rt-veil, x16s, x21s.

Faster anime VAES +57%, AVX512 +21%, AVX2 +3%.

Redesigned code reponsible for issue #236.

New in v3.12.2

Fixed xevan, skein, skein2 AVX2, #238.

Reversed polarity of AVX2 vector bit test utilities, and all users, to be
logically and semantically correct. Follow up to issue #236.

New in v3.12.1

Fixed anime AVX2 low difficulty shares, git issue #236.

Periodic summary now reports lost hash rate due to rejected and stale shares,
displayed only when non-zero.

New in v3.12.0.1

Fixed hodl rejects, git issue #237.

Fixed debug code added in v3.12.0 to work with AVX2 to be enabled only
after low difficulty share have been seen to avoid unnecessarily excessive
log outout.

Added more digits of precision to diff in log output to help diagnose
low difficulty shares.

New in v3.12.0

Faster phi2 AVX2 +62%, AVX512 +150% on Intel CPUs. AMD Ryzen AVX2 is
YMMV due to its inferiour AVX2 implementation.

Fixed Hodl stats, rejects are still an issue since v3.9.5, git issue #237.

API can now be enabled with "-b port" or "--api-bind port".
It will use the default address

Editorial: Short form options should only be used on the command line to save
typing. Configuration files and scripts should always use the long form
"--api-bind addrort" without relying on any defaults. This is a general
recommendation that applies to all options for any application.

Removed obsolete cryptonight, all variants, and supporting code for more
size reduction and faster compiling.

Tweaked the timing of the CPU temperature and frequency log (Linux only).

Added some debug code to collect more info about low difficulty rejects,
git issue #236.


1. A x86_64 architecture CPU with a minimum of SSE2 support. This includes Intel Core2 and newer and AMD equivalents.
In order to take advantage of AES_NI optimizations a CPU with AES_NI is required. This includes Intel Westmere and newer
and AMD equivalents. Further optimizations are available on some algos for CPUs with AVX and AVX2, Sandybridge and
Haswell respectively.

32 bit CPUs and ARM CPUs are not supported.

2. 64 bit Linux OS. Ubuntu and Fedora based distributions, including Mint and Centos are known to work and have all
dependencies in their repositories. Others may work but may require more effort.

64 bit Windows OS is supported using the pre-compiled binaries package or may be compiled with mingw_w64 and msys.

Apple and Android operating systems are not supported. FreeBSD YMMV.

Older CPUs, other architectures and operating systems may be supported by TPruvot's cpuminer-multi.

Security warning

Miner programs are often flagged as malware by antivirus programs. This is usually a false positive, they are
flagged simply because they are cryptocurrency miners. However, some malware has been spread using the
cover that miners are known to be subject to false positives. Always be on alert. The source code of cpuminer-opt
is open for anyone to inspect. If you don't trust the software don't download it.

Some cryptographic code has been taken from trusted sources but has been modified for speed at the expense of
accepted security practices. This code should not be imported into applications where secure cryptography is


Old algorithms that are rarely used anymore will not get the latest optimizations.

Cryptonight and variants are no longer supported.

Neoscrypt crashes on Windows, use legacy version.

Hodl requires a CPU with AES, use legacy version if without.

Benchmark testing does not work on several algos.

Supported algorithms
allium Garlicoin
anime Animecoin
argon2 Argon2 coin (AR2)
argon2d250 argon2d-crds, Credits (CRDS)
argon2d500 argon2d-dyn, Dynamic (DYN)
argon2d4096 argon2d-uis, Unitus, (UIS)
axiom Shabal-256 MemoHash
blake Blake-256 (SFR)
blake2b Blake2b 256
blake2s Blake-2 S
blakecoin blake256r8
bmw BMW 256
bmw512 BMW 512
c11 Chaincoin
deep Deepcoin (DCN)
dmd-gr Diamond-Groestl
groestl Groestl coin
hex x16r-hex
hmq1725 Espers
hodl Hodlcoin
jha Jackpotcoin
keccak Maxcoin
keccakc Creative coin
lbry LBC, LBRY Credits
luffa Luffa
lyra2h Hppcoin
lyra2re lyra2
lyra2rev2 lyra2v2
lyra2rev3 lyrav2v3, Vertcoin
lyra2z330 Lyra2 330 rows, Zoin (ZOI)
m7m Magi (XMG)
myr-gr Myriad-Groestl
neoscrypt NeoScrypt(128, 2, 1)
nist5 Nist5
pentablake Pentablake
phi1612 phi
phi2 Luxcoin (LUX)
phi2-lux identical to phi2
pluck Pluck:128 (Supcoin)
polytimos Ninja
power2b MicroBitcoin (MBC)
quark Quark
qubit Qubit
scrypt scrypt(1024, 1, 1) (default)
scrypt:N scrypt(N, 1, 1)
sha256d Double SHA-256
sha256q Quad SHA-256, Pyrite (PYE)
sha256t Triple SHA-256, Onecoin (OC)
sha3d Double keccak256 (BSHA3)
shavite3 Shavite3
skein Skein+Sha (Skeincoin)
skein2 Double Skein (Woodcoin)
skunk Signatum (SIGT)
sonoa Sono
timetravel Machinecoin (MAC)
timetravel10 Bitcore
tribus Denarius (DNR)
vanilla blake256r8vnl (VCash)
veltor (VLT)
x11 Dash
x11evo Revolvercoin
x11gost sib (SibCoin)
x12 Galaxie Cash (GCH)
x13 X13
x13bcd bcd
x13sm3 hsr (Hshare)
x14 X14
x15 X15
x16rv2 Ravencoin (RVN)
x16rt Gincoin (GIN)
x16rt-veil Veil (VEIL)
x16s Pigeoncoin (PGN)
xevan Bitsend (BSD)
yescrypt Globalboost-Y (BSTY)
yescryptr8 BitZeny (ZNY)
yescryptr8g Koto (KOTO)
yescryptr16 Eli
yescryptr32 WAVI
yespower Cryply
yespowerr16 Yenten (YTN)
yespower-b2b generic yespower + blake2b
zr5 Ziftr


cpuminer-opt has no fees of any kind but donations are accepted.

poslano v temi :: [ANN] cpuminer-opt v3.12.4.5, open source optimized multi-algo CPU miner
Pes :: 27.02.2020 ob 19:06
Bminer is a highly optimized cryptocurrency miner that runs on modern AMD/NVIDIA GPUs (Maxwell and Pascal, i.e. GPUs that have compute capability 5.0 or above). Bminer is one of the fastest publicly available miners today -- we use various techniques including tiling and pipelining to realize the full potentials of the hardware.

Bminer also comes with REST APIs to facilitate production deployments (e.g., mining farms).
Bminer supports mining Equihash-based coins (e.g., Zcash) with 2% of devfee.
Bminer supports mining Zhash / Equihash 144,5 based coins (e.g. BitcoinGold, BitcoinZ) with 2% of devfee.
Bminer supports mining Ethash-based coins (e.g., Ethereum) with 0.65% of devfee.
Bminer also supports dual mining mode - mining Ethash-based coins (e.g. Ethereum) and Blake14r-based coins (e.g. Decred) / Blake2s-based coins (e.g. Verge) at the same time. Devfee for the dual mining mode is 1.3%, and the second coin (e.g. Decred/Verge) is mined without devfee.
Bminer supports mining Tensority-based coins (e.g., Bytom(BTM)) with 2% of devfee.



Grin31 mining on stock settings
2.60 G/s on RTX 2080Ti
1.65 G/s on RTX 2080
1.55 G/s on GTX 1080Ti
0.95 G/s on GTX 1070

Bminer 16.0.6 Grin29m mining on stock settings
8.32 G/s on GTX 2080Ti
5.18 G/s on GTX 2070
3.96 G/s on 2060
2.18 G/s on 1060
3.34 G/s on 1070
5.03 G/s on 1080ti
3.00 G/s on P104-4G
3.56 G/s on P104-8G
4.95 G/s on P102-10G

AE mining on stock settings:
11.8 Sol/s on GTX 2080Ti
8.90 Sol/s on GTX 2080
7.40 Sol/s on GTX 1080Ti
4.7 Sol/s on GTX 1070
3.4 Sol/s on GTX 1060 6G

Beam mining on stock settings
30 Sol/s on GTX 1080Ti
21 Sol/s on GTX 1070
12 Sol/s on GTX 1060 6G

Equihash mining on stock settings
735-745 Sol/s on GTX 1080Ti
450-460 Sol/s on GTX 1070
315-325 Sol/s on GTX 1060
Equihash 144,5 (Zhash) mining on stock settings
61 Sol/s on GTX 1080Ti
25 Sol/s on GTX 1060
Ethash mining on GTX 1080Ti stock settings (power: 250 W)
With OhGodAnETHlargementPill: 46.7 MH/s
Without OhGodAnETHlargementPill: 32.2 MH/s
Dual mining using automatic tuning (default) on GTX 1080Ti stock settings (power: 250 W)
With OhGodAnETHlargementPill:
ETH 46 MH/s and DCR 1000 MH/s
ETH 46 MH/s and XVG 1770 MH/s
Without OhGodAnETHlargementPill:
ETH 32 MH/s and DCR 2200 MH/s
ETH 32 MH/s and XVG 3750 MH/s
Bytom mining on stock settings:
4650 H/s on GTX 1080Ti
2850 H/s on GTX 1070
1800 H/s on GTX 1060 6G

Secure and reliable

SSL support
Automatic reconnects to recover from transient network failures
Automatic restarts if GPUs hang

Operation friendly

Comes with REST APIs to facilitate production deployments


Download and extract Bminer into a folder (e.g. C:bminer or /home/bminer)
Depending on the coins that you want to mine, find the corresponding script in the folder. For example, the corresponding script is mine_grin29.bat (on Windows) or (on Linux) when mining Grin using the Cuckaroo29 algorithm.
Change the address and account information in the script.
Run the script and Enjoy mining


Windows x64: bminer-v16.0.6-137dbe6-amd64

Windows x64:bminer-lite-v16.0.6-137dbe6-amd64

Release notes

16.0.6 (Current)
Improve the performance of Cuckaroo29m miner.
Fix the regression that the Cuckatoo / Cuckoo miners failed to start.
Fix the performance regression of Cuckaroo29m under Windows.
Fix the compatbility issues on Windows system.

Improve the performance of Cuckaroo29m miner.

Improve the performance of Cuckaroo29m miner.
Reduce the rejection rate of the Cuckaroo29m miner.

16.0.3 (Current)
Improve performance and stability of the Cuckaroo29m miner.
Fix fidelity issues of the Cuckaroo29m miner.

Performance improvement on the Cuckaroo29m miner.

Fix the Cuckaroo29m miner fails to start on Turing-based cards or cards that have only 4G memory.
Fix the Cuckaroo29m miner submits shares that have low difficulty.
Performance improvement on the Cuckaroo29m miner.

Initial support for the Cuckaroo29m algorithm.

Improve the performance of Beam bminer for RTX cards.
Experimental support for dual-mining Ethash and the Eaglesong algorithm.

Improve the performance of automatic tuning of dual mining parameters.

Add an API to stop the miner.

Improve the performance of BeamHashII algorithm on RTX cards.

Improve the performance of BeamHashII algorithm.

Fix the regression on the BeamHashII fails to start on GTX 2060.

Support for the BeamHashII algorithm.

Fix the regression that the Cuckaroo29d miner fails to start on RTX-series cards.

Improve the performance of the miner of Cuckatoo31.
Increase the dynamic ranges of -intensity for older machines to fully utilize the GPUs (at the cost of a slight performance loss).

Improve the performance of Cuckaroo29d / Aeternity.
Support 4GB cards for Cuckaroo29d.
Fix the regression that the Cuckaroo29d miner fails to start on Windows.

Improve the performance of the Cuckaroo29d miner.

Improve the stability of the Cuckaroo29d miner.
Reduce the CPU usage of Cuckaroo29d miner.
Support 5GB cards for Cuckaroo29d.

Improve the performance of the Cuckaroo29d algorithm.
Fix the issue that the Cuckaroo29d failed to start for Turing-based cards.

Support the cuckaroo29d algorithm

Fix invalid shares ETH + VBK when using multiple cards.

Fix the regression that Cuckaroo29 fails to work on Turing cards.
Significantly improve the performance of ETH / VBK dual mine.

Improve the performance of the Cuckatoo algorithm.
Support dual-mining ETH and VBK.
Add the parameter -version to output the version and exit.

Improve performance of Cuckaroo29 / Aeternity.
Improve compatibility on Windows
Add an experimental flag --fast to improve the performance for Cuckaroo29 / Aeternity, but it might lead to unstability on some systems

Slightly improve performance of Cuckaroo29 / Cuckatoo31.
Reduce CPU usages of Cuckatoo31.
Fix the regressions of Cuckaroo29 on RTX cards.
Fix the incorrect reportings of Ethash speed to the mining pools.

Improve the performance of Cuckaroo29 by 5%.
Slightly improve the performance of Cuckatoo31.
Improve compatibility on Windows.

Improve performance and stability of Cuckatoo31.
Slightly improved performance of Ccukaroo29.
Reduced the chance of reject and stale shares of CC29/CC31.
Support RTX 2080/2070 for Cuckatoo31. RTX 2080 expected speed 1.45G/s.

Improve performance of Cuckaroo29 / Cuckatoo31.
Experimental support Cuckaroo29 on AMD cards (ROCM only)
Improve compatibility on Windows.
Fix the regression on UI dashboard.
Reduce reject rate of Cuckaroo29 / Cuckatoo31.

Improve the fidelity of Cuckaroo29 on 1060 / P106 / 1070.

Fix compatibility issues on Windows.

Support 8G cards for Cuckatoo31 (except for Windows 10).
Improve stability of the Cuckatoo31 solver.

Improve the performance of Cuckaroo29.
Reduce the likelihood of rejected shares of Cuckatoo31.
Support Nicehash for both Cuckaroo29 / Cuckatoo31.

Improve the performance for Cuckatoo31.
Support 2080Ti for Cuckatoo31.
Reduce the CPU usages for Grin / Aeternity by default.
Reduce the likelihood of rejected shares for Cuckatoo31.

Experimental support for Cuckatoo31 on 1080Ti.
Fix the regression where ETH dual mine fails to start on Windows.
Improve performance on mining Aeternity.
Support tweaking the CPU usage for mining AE / Grin with the -intensity flag.

Improve performance of AE / Grin on Turing cards.
Improve performance of AE / Grin on lower-end CPUs and Windows platforms.
Support mining beam on leafpool and nicehash.
Fix the regression where /api/v1/devices is occasionally unresponsive.

Improved Grin/AE mining speed.
Print fidelity information. It is a measure of the luck/miner correctness. Overtime, the number should be close to one. For miners running over two hours, the fidelity should be at least greater than 0.95.
Improved multi-card performance on Windows.
Improved the miner fidelity by 8%-10%. You will not see big local difference but you will see roughly 10% higher speed on the pool side.
Reduced reject chance.
Fixed equihash issue.
Fix the regression that the equihash miner fails to start on Windows.


Improve the performance of Turing GPUs when mining Grin.
Reduced rejected share chance for all cards.


Support mining Grin / AE with 4G or 5G of video memory. (P104 only on Linux).


30% performance improvement on Grin and AE.
Reduce the likelihood of rejected shares.


Optimize CPU usage.
Fix compatibility issues with and
Experimental support for Turing GPUs.
Allow bminer to run with older NVIDIA drivers.


50% performance improvement on Aeternity.
10% performance improvement on Grin.
Support 8GB cards on Windows 10.
Support SSL connections for Grin.


Experimental support mining Grin on NVIDIA GPUs. Currently bminer only supports the Cuckaroo29 algorithm.
100% performance improvement on the beam miner on NVIDIA GPUs compared to 11.4.1.
Bug fixes

Support AMD Crimson driver mining beam

Experimental support mining beam with AMD cards


Improve the performance of Aeternity for 6GB cards
Support mining beam over beepool
Output solution/s instead of nounce/s when mining beam


Experimental support for Beam.


Experimental support for Aeternity.


Support ETH/BTM dual mine.


Fix `-devices value` option bug in 10.6.0.
Fix a bug in `GET /api/v1/status/device` api.


Require CUDA 9.2 or above for this version.
Substantially increase BTM mining speed, e.g. 4650H/s on 1080Ti now.


Require CUDA 9.2 or above for this version.
Substantially increase BTM mining speed, e.g. 4500H/s on 1080Ti now.
Maximum temperature is monitored more precisely.
Support BTG mining on pool.


Add `-pers auto` option to support pools (e.g. to automatically switch personalization string for equihash144,5 mining.


Make API robust and accessible even when GPUs are hung.
Support ethproxy protocol pools, such as dwarfpool, to display worker names.


Support all the other Equihash 144,5 based coins besides BTG, using equihash1445 scheme and -pers config.


Fix performance regression in BTM mining.


Support mining Zhash (Equihash with parameter set 144,5) based coins.
Substantially increase BTM mining speed again (up to another 30%).
Support reported hashrate feature on ETH pools.


Substantially increase BTM mining speed (up to 30%).
Fix editing problems of .bat files on windows.
Add scheme suggestions in scripts for ETH mining.


Experimental support for mining Bytom (BTM).
Optimize the performance of automatic tuning in dual mining mode.
Start REST APIs much faster than previous versions.
Improve compatibility of mining Ethereum on Nicehash pool.


Support a dual mining mode for Ethereum (ETH, Ethash) and Decred (DCR, blake14r) / Verge (XVG, blake2s) without affecting Ethereum mining performance.
Automatically tune mining performance in dual mining mode.
Support dual mining mode in launcher and dashboard GUI.
Add scripts to download third party software OhGodAnETHlargementPill to improve Ethereum mining performance on GTX 1080/1080Ti.
Introduce new REST APIs to display stratum/solver/device status.


Experimental support for mining Ethereum.
Various usability improvements on the launcher GUI.
Create a lite distribution without the launcher GUI.


Fix potential regression caused by 6.0.0 for GPUs mounting on risers.
Improve mining algorithm stability.


Failover server supports. Supply multiple uris (separated by commas) via the -uri option to enable the failover support.
A launcher GUI for Windows.
Reduce reject rate caused by stale shares.
0.3-0.5% performance improvement depending on card models.
Fix inaccurate metrics at the start of Bminer.
Reduce CPU usage the start of bminer.
Support miner.reconnect().
Experimental support for miningrigrentals.
A new option -no-runtime-info to disable runtime information collection.


Show the fan speed in both console and UI.
Fix compatibility issues for
Fix a bug that causes Bminer fails to start on Windows under some configuration.


Fix a reconnection issue in the network layer.
Show additional statistics in console.
Allow cross-domain requests to access the API.
Fix the compatibility issue with docker.
Introduce the option `-share-check` to make the time of recovering from no accepted shares configurable.


Experimental support for EthOS / Ubuntu 14.04.
Support AMD K10 CPUs.
Automatically restart hanged network connections.
Improve compatibilities with mining rigs with more than 8 cards.


Introduced the option -logfile to append the logs into a file.
Minor optimization on Windows for cards that are mounted on the risers.
Improve compatibility for NiceHash.


Support NiceHash.
Fix unstable network connections in 5.0.0.
Fix performance regressions for 1080Ti under Linux.


Minor performance improvement for GTX 1060.
Fixed performance regressions in 4.0.0 on Windows.
Optimization on the networking layer.
Show GPU ID in case of hardware errors.
Introduced the option -no-timestamps which suppresses the timestamps in the logging messages.


Minor performance improvement.
Support older CPUs like Core 2 Duo.
Support mining rigs that have more than 8 GPUs.
Removed the polling option.
Introduced the option `-max-network-failures` which allows Bminer to exit after consecutive network failures.
Various improvement on the UI.
Localization for Russian and Chinese.


Minor performance improvement.
Disable CPU polling by default.
Introduce a Web-based dashboard.
Support slushpool.


Add the -polling option to make GPU polling configurable.
Disabling polling reduces the CPU usage but it might reduce the performance in some configurations.
Improve the stability of the network connections.
First public release for Linux.


First public release.

poslano v temi :: [ANN]Bminer: a fast Equihash/Ethash/Cuckaroo29m miner for AMD/NVIDIA GPUs 16.0.6
Pes :: 26.02.2020 ob 8:20
Nvidia: Ethash, Cuckaroo29/Cuckarood29, Ubqhash
AMD: Ethash, Cuckaroo29/Cuckarood29, Ubqhash
CPU: RandomHash/RandomX in parallel with GPUs.
Windows and Linux compatible.

Download version for Windows:!ZHRRlAgJ!_gd82fTQcsAFZaB_QESmdQ

Features of 1'st generation of nanominer:

We are glad to present you the newest version of nanominer by nanopool.
Nanominer is a versatile tool for mining cryptocurrencies which are based on Ethash, Ubqhash, Cuckaroo29, and RandomHash (PascalCoin) algorithms. This tool is suitable for both novice and professional users. Fast, reliable, efficient.

Our competitive advantages:
AMD, Nvidia or/and CPU - it's up to you, nanominer supports both types of GPU for mining Ethash, Ubqhash, Cuckaroo29 and CPU for RandomHash.
Fastest RandomHash on CPU - the performance of PASC is highest on most CPUs.
Dual, triple or quad mining - you can set up nanominer to mine RandomHash on CPU and Ethash, Ubqhash, Cuckaroo29 on GPUs without losing performance. Moreover, you can set all of these algorithms simultaneously on different GPUs.
Fastest Cuckaroo29 on AMD - we have added best implementation of Grin's Cuckaroo29 algorithm for 8+ GB AMD GPUs with lowest possible CPU usage.
Cross platform: nanominer will bring you profit regardless of OS. The supported platforms are Windows and Linux.
Incredible web interface - you will enjoy all features and advantages which nanominer's web interface provides. Remote monitoring and control of your rigs as well as scanning local network for other rigs running nanominer, and working with them.
Built-in overclocking - we have added options to overclock coreClocks and memClocks for Nvidia cards on Windows.
Stable and autonomous: nanominer is able to control the state of video cards and, in case of hardware error (for instance: hashrate drop or GPU hang), it can restart itself or reboot entire system.
Advanced statistics: aside from hashrate, nanominer will inform you about GPUs temperature, power consumption*, average hashrate for each algorithm and much more.
Technical support 24/7: Our support service will answer all your questions promptly and with a pleasure.
No SmartScreen alert: we are going through a Microsoft security check, and Windows Defender does not recognize nanominer as a threat (does not remove or interfere with its work). Windows version of nanominer is digitally signed, so it cannot contain viruses.
Effective mining: high performance and efficient utilization of electricity.
BoringAPI - new extended miner statistic protocol which allows nanominer to provide wide range of useful information: here. The ETHman Remote Manager is supported by nanominer as well.
Customization flexibility: nanominer is ready to operate, you just need to indicate a wallet. However, if you are experienced user, then additional parameters will help you to adjust the miner according to your own understanding of best efficiency.

Features of the version 1.7.0

Fixed issue with Floating point exception at startup observer on some CPUs.
Removed CryptoNight family of algorithms since Monero uses RandomX.
RandomHash algorithm is synonym to RandomHash2 now since there are no RandomHash(1) coins any more.

Features of the version 1.6.2
Fixed setting up RandomX algorithm for testing purposes. Please check our mega for the config examples.
Features of the version 1.6.1
Optimized Ethash memory for Nvidia cards.
Added SSL connections for both Nanopool ETH and ETC pools and are used by default if no pools specified. pools are used by default now if no UBQ pools provided.

Features of the version 1.6.0
RandomHash2 algorithm for Pascal implemented. DevFee increased from 3% to 5% for both RandomHash and RandomHash2 to support RandomHash2 development.
RandomX algorithm implemented on CPU. Will be able to mine Monero on CPU in dual mode with some GPU coin after Monero hardfork.
Cuckarood29 performance improved up to 24% on AMD and Nvidia.
Updated node protocol supported for QuarkChain. Wallet can now be set up in miner's configuration file, not only configured on node itself. Public full nodes are used by default.
Example config files for popular coins were added to distribution.

Features of the version 1.5.3
Fixed issue with Nvidia devices not shown on nanominer -d output.
Print message in log if current Nvidia driver is too old for nanominer to detect Nvidia GPUs.

Features of the version 1.5.2
Fixed Cuckarood29 issue on AMD: low difficulty shares are not sent anymore.

Features of the version 1.5.1
Added Ethash binaries for AMD Radeon RX 5700 and AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT cards.

Features of the version 1.5.0
Added support for Grin's upcoming PoW hardfork Cuckarood29 algorithm.
Added support for Nvidia 6+ GB cards on Cuckaroo29/Cuckarood29 algorithms.
RandomHash (PascalCoin) performance improved.

Features of the version 1.4.1
Built-in amdmemtweak can run on Ubuntu 16.04 now.
Fixed SSL connection with miningpoolhub.

Features of the version 1.4.0
New memTweak option to control AMD GPU memory timings on Ethash algorithm, that gives up to 6%-10% performance increase compared to stock settings.
Faster Ethash kernel tuning on AMD Vega and Radeon VII GPUs.

Features of the version 1.3.4
Fixed critical connection issue introduced in version 1.3.3.

Features of the version 1.3.3
Fixed random Monero mining crashes on some connection types.

Features of the version 1.3.2
Fixed hanging while enumerating AMD devices on some systems.

Features of the version 1.3.1
Fixed CryptoNightR runtime compilation issue on some AMD devices.

Features of the version 1.3.0
CryptoNightR and CryptoNightReverseWaltz algorithms support for AMD GPUs.
New option powerLimits to manage Nvidia GPUs power limits.
Added block acceptance time for QuarkChain.
Support any shard IDs for QuarkChain, including null for root chain mining.

Features of the version 1.2.4
QuarkChain shard option was renamed to shardid to avoid confusion.
Added farmRecheck option for QuakrChain.
Do not show block accepted time for getwork protocol because it was calculated wrong. Will be added in some future update.
Fixed some stability issues.

Features of the version 1.2.3
Fixed issue with devices parameter ignored for Ethash.
Some performance increase of Cuckaroo29 for AMD GPUs.

Features of the version 1.2.2
Added QuarkChain node support for mining Ethash algorithm.
Added command line launching scripts for those users who need to run the miner using single command line with arguments.
Increased performance of Cuckaroo29 (GRIN coin) for AMD RX 580 8 GB up to 8%.

Features of the version 1.2.1
Fixed crash on startup on some systems without Nvidia cards.

Features of the version 1.2.0
Added fast (arguably the fastest) implementation of Grin's Cuckaroo29 algorithm for 8+ GB AMD GPUs with lowest possible CPU usage. Cuckaroo29 devfee is 0% till April 26th 4:20 PM local time and 2% after for this and any next version of nanominer.
Switched to CUDA 10 so all new Nvidia RTX GPUs are now supported. Need Nvidia Linux driver >= 410.48 or Windows driver >= 411.13 in order to work.
Added support for CryptoNightReverseWaltz (Graft coin) algorithm on Nvidia.
Two times less switches to dev fee and back - commission mining is now done once per two hours instead of single hour.

Features of the version 1.1.1
Lower CPU usage and system memory consumption for Nvidia CryptoNightR algorithm.
Fixed local miners discovery on some network configurations.

Features of the version 1.1.0
Added support for CryptoNightR algorithm on Nvidia for Monero PoW hardfork. Up to 17% faster than best competive CryptoNightR Nvidia miners currently available with only 1% devfee.
Added web-interface for easy rigs monitoring and remote setup. Runs on 9090 port by default, see
Added checkForUpdates (enabled by default) and autoUpdate (disabled by default) for checking and installing newest nanominer version on miner start.
Added options coreClocks, memClocks for overclocking. Only Nvidia cards on Windows are supported for now.
RandomHash devfee for CPU-only case was reduced from 5% down to 3%.
About 5% performance improvements for RandomHash on some CPUs.

Features of the version 1.0.6
Fixed small memory leak on Nvidia DAG change.
Some additional Ethash 3GB Nvidia cards optimizations - it is now possible to mine Ethereum on Windows 10 with half hashrate on full speed x16 PCI-e.

Features of the version 1.0.5
Extended Ethash support on Nvidia 3Gb cards. We are now the only one known miner that can support up to 242 epoch (best on Linux) with full speed. Next epochs will work too but performance degradation is possible. To make performance better you can try using full-speed PCI-e connections for 3 Gb devices.
Fixed some issues with miner re-connection to pools.
Fixed floating bug with enormous reported hashrate on AMD Ethash.

Dev fee for the use of nanominer takes the form of a commission from mining to its wallets once per 2 hours of runtime. The commission is:

1% of total mining time for Ethash, Ubqhash and CryptoNight algorithms (72 seconds per 2 hours);
2% for Cuckaroo29 algorithm (144 seconds per 2 hours);
3% for RandomHash on CPU (216 seconds per 2 hours).


poslano v temi :: [ANN] Nanominer v1.7.0:Ethash, RandomHash,Cuckaroo29, Ubqhash
Pes :: 21.02.2020 ob 9:47
NemosMiner Monitors mining pools in real-time in order to find the most profitable Algo

NemosMiner v3.8.1.1


correct nlpool estimates as per nlpools request
disable/remove nicehash old
recommenced nvidia driver lowered to 431.60 (windows)
yescryptr32 rejected shares (enable staleshare detection takes 3-4mins to activate)


x12 & x15 support (zergpool,ahashpool)
ZClassic Support (MiningPoolHub)
x16rv2 support


nbminer v25.2
gminer v1.65
miniZ miner v1.5q6 beta
nheqminer v0.7.2
trex miner v0.14.1 beta (x16rv2 support)
ccminer mtp v1.2.2 (disabled not working on 6 and 9 card rigs)
phoenixminer v4.6c


Easy configuration, easy start:

Run NemosMiner.bat
1. Config tab
2. Set your Wallet address and Username
3. Select your pool
4. Save Config
5. Start

note: 2. you only need to change Username if you are using Miningpoolhub (MPH)

Algo selection / removal

+algo for algo selection
-algo for algo removal

If "+" Used, all selected algo have to be listed
If "Minus" Used, all algo selected but exluded ones.

Do not combine + and - for the same algo

Algo list = -x16r
Will mine anything but x16r

Algo list = -x16r,-bcd
Will mine anything but x16r and bcd

Algo list = +x16r
Will mine only x16r

Algo list = +x16r,+bcd
Will mine only x16r and BCD

Algo list blank
Will mine anything

Pools variants

24hr - uses last 24hour Actual API too request profit
-Low switching rate
plus - uses advanced calculations to reduce switching
-Medium switching rate
normal - uses current estimate API too request profit
-High switching rate

Developer/Contributors Donation:
list and wallets is publicly available at

There is a 14 minute per day donation (0.9%)
We want to stay completely transparent on the way donations are managed, there is a 14 minute per day default donation (0.9%) which can be increased or decreased in the config tab, please help support the great team behind NemosMiner by leaving mining donations turned on

Keep tabs on all your mining rigs from one place
You can now optionally monitor all your workers remotely, both in the GUI and via nemosminer


If you have Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, please update PowerShell:
[update PowerShell](

some miners may need 'Visual C++ 2015' if you don't already have it: (install both x86 & x64)
[Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015/2014]

some miners may need 'Visual C++ 2013' if you don't already have it: (install both x86 & x64)
[Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013/2012]

running multiple cards its recommended to increase Virtual Memory 64gb is optimal

recommended/optimal Windows Nvidia driver 431.60

[Windows10 Standard](

[Windows10 DCH](

[Windows7, 8, 8.1](

recommended/optimal Linux Nvidia driver 430.34


Tested with 6x1070 6x1070ti 6x1080 6x1080ti 9x1660ti 6x2060 6x2070 6x2080 6x2080ti(users have reported up to 12cards working have not tested myself)
Some miners do not support more that 9 cards

CPU miners are tested with AMD Ryzen 3700x CPU's


Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0
Permissions of this strong copyleft license are conditioned on making available complete source code of licensed works and modifications, which include larger works using a licensed work, under the same license. Copyright and license notices must be preserved. Contributors provide an express grant of patent rights.

poslano v temi :: [NemosMiner] multi algo profit switching NVIDIA/CPU miner
Pes :: 18.02.2020 ob 16:33
I have spent a couple of months and now I am ready to post new version.
It is very easy to use! You need to run it at the same RIG that works.


This program helps you to save you your money and earn more when you use Claymore's Dual Ethereum
Miner. It reduses 1%(or 2% in Dual mode) fee.
DevFee will mine to your wallet but miner wil think that it mines Real DevFee.
It was tested on Windows 10 and Windows 7!
Where to Download?


How to Use?

1) Download
2) Right Click at ZeroFee.exe->Properties -> Compatibility tab->Run As Administator -> Save
3) Open ZeroFee.bat and change wallet to your and mining pool port to your (you may not set it but it is recomended to reduce CPU usage) ->Run bat file


It was tested with nanopool etheremine ethpool it works perfect.
(I have additional 1.8mhs to my 176mhs with this software and)
You can test it with other pools and tell results here.

Why do you need it

I have 7 GPUs and nanopool shows me that I will get additional 1.975 USD/mo (and 3.95$ when I use dualmining with sia coin).

Updated Proof :


start ZeroFee.exe 0xYourWallet

Now works with Claymore v15.0 Fixed compatibility with ethermine org
Code improvements
New Logo

TCP packets checking speed is improved (checking function is replaced with assembly code to speed up checking)
Fixed bug with automatic adding to startup(automatic adding to startup feature is deleted).
New Logo

Added automatic administrator privileges
Not detectable by claymore's miner
Minor code improvements

Added support of Support of Nicehash
Added support of "-esm 0", "-esm 1" , "-esm 2" and "-esm 3" arguments in you command line for claymore miner.
Optimized allocation of memory
New protection against Claymore miner detection
You do not need to enter mining pool port in this version only wallet
File structure optimization

Reminder if you forgot to run it as Administrator
Automatic adding NoFee.bat to the startup
Design changes

Works now even with Claymore Miner v9.4
Major speed improvements
Less CPU load
Some bug fixes

Fixed issues with blocking RDP,Radmin,TeamViewer

Now it works with nicehash, miningpoolhub & forks like ETC when you use "-allpools 1" at the Claymore's miner.
Changed devFee priority:
first time devFee sends shares to your wallet(15 min after start),
second time Real devFee mining(1h after start),
third time devFee sends shares to your wallet(2h after start),
fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and all next times devFee sends shares to your wallet.
Now it works with all pools (tested). Slightly improved stability. Archive type changed from .rar to .zip


If this software stops working like this:

Try to install all
microsoft c++ 2010 redistributable

microsoft c++ 2012 redistributable

microsoft c++ 2013 redistributable

poslano v temi :: Ethereum Mining NoDevFee 0% v15.0