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Carter_ :: 12.05.2019 ob 8:50
Lahko se dobimo na želeni lokaciji.

poslano v temi :: Prodam 1 btc, 4% provizije
Carter_ :: 12.05.2019 ob 8:50
Lahko se dobimo na želeni lokaciji.

poslano v temi :: Prodam 1btc, 4% provizije
Bitcoin :: 24.04.2019 ob 9:46
Up up up

poslano v temi :: Bitcoin vse do 250.000$?
Bitcoin :: 24.04.2019 ob 9:43
Je bil že čas. Zdaj pa vse do 20.000$ in naprej

poslano v temi :: Bitcoin se prebuja
vajda :: 25.03.2019 ob 14:17
Glej Bitcoin takšne kot sem jaz ne moti če mi kdo ponudi povezavo kjer se z minimalnim trudom pridobiva brezplačne kriptovalute, ti pa imaš očitno s tem težavo, oprosti nočem biti žaljiv, ampak pusti nas da se odločamo sami s svojo glavo ne pa da ti podajaš nepomembna mnenja.

poslano v temi :: Novo
Andrix458 :: 04.03.2019 ob 20:00
Še en izjemno zanimiv update, ki si ga v celoti lahko preberete na sledeči povezavi:
V objavi so dodatno razložene stvari, ki menjalnico Buzzex delajo tako zanimivo in privlačno:
- delovanje funkcije "Global Order Book"
- prednosti funkcije "Global Order Book"
- razlaga ene izmed največjih prednosti menjalnice, ki smo jo poimenovali "Fee Cashback" in bo drastično pripomogla trgovalcem

Glede na to, da smo manj kot en mesec stran od pričetka nove zgodbe, vam želim prijetno branje, saj ga ne boste obžalovali.

poslano v temi :: Buzzex menjalnica
TorBro911 :: 02.03.2019 ob 19:34
Hello, we are happy to announce new release of GrinPro miner
(GrinPro is our modified version of GrinGoldMiner with API and some speed improvements)

get it at:!dFxSiYgC!hqXjFpNbvg2diolllBkD99Erj3vyA2VfMrKmU-F97aA

Changelog for 1.2 release:

* Up to 30% faster Nvidia solver
* Very high Nvidia solver fidelity
* Improved AMD fidelity by about 1%
* Significant reduction in CPU usage for AMD and Nvidia (up to 2x less) (Implemented original fast C++ cycle finder from John Tromp)
* Slightly improved AMD mining rate
* Fixed AMD cards auto-detection issues
* "Reconnect To Primary" config option - try to connect back to primary stratum connection when on backup connection. You can set this in config, see manual_config.xml as example, alternatively can be also set as commandline argument (View documentation)
* API changes:
* Workers show Fidelity - Fidelity is important to make sure that solver is not missing valid graphs. Large GPS (graphs per seconds) is not enough on its own - with low Fidelity, the miner will miss valid solutions. Value should be close to 1.0. Fidelity is a statistical value and will be more precise the longer the miner is running (wait 24 hours if you are diagnosting cards). See more on Fidelity by John Tromp
* GPS is 0 when worker is offline
* Remote Dashboard options in config. Remote Dasbhoard will be released soon and this version of GrinPro miner is compatible with it.

poslano v temi :: [ANN] GrinPro miner - farm friendly miner of Grin for both AMD and NVIDIA.
val11 :: 01.03.2019 ob 17:15
Bitcoin casino, kjer lahko zastonj dobite BTC satoshije in tudi druge kriptovalute in jih nato multiply-ate z casino igrami. Splača se probati DICE (automated betting strategije)...

Check it: Lucky Fish

poslano v temi :: Zastonj BTC faucet
TorBro911 :: 28.02.2019 ob 19:47
SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner

Windows only

Download V1.7.9:

Mega : Download Srb v1.7.9

If you have a Vega, and want to mine V7 algos, use Adrenaline 18.6.1 drivers, if you want to mine Heavy algos, use Adrenaline 18.3.4


- Added new Monero algo 'Cryptonight R'
- Added algo 'Wownero'
- Added algo 'Conceal'
- Added algo 'Zelerius'
- Added algo 'Xcash'
- Replaced 'Mox' algo with new 'Mox V8' algo
- Added parameter 'maxnosharesent' in cmd
- Added parameter 'randomnonce' in cmd
- Added parameter 'enablecoinforking' in cmd
- Added algo switching info in json and on html stats page
- Lot of bug fixes

Simple, yet so complex
Windows only
Supports Nicehash & SSL/TLS encrypted connections

Recommended drivers:
Adrenalin 18.5.1, Adrenalin 18.5.2, Adrenalin 18.6.1

Supported algos:

Cryptonight [normal]
Cryptonight Lite [lite]
Cryptonight V7 [normalv7]
Cryptonight Lite V7 [litev7]
Cryptonight Heavy [heavy]
Cryptonight Haven [haven]
Cryptonight Fast [fast]
Cryptonight BitTubeV2 [bittubev2]
Cryptonight StelliteV4 [stellitev4]
Cryptonight ArtoCash [artocash]
Cryptonight Alloy [alloy]
Cryptonight B2N [b2n]
Cryptonight MarketCash [marketcash]
Cryptonight Italo [italo]
Supports Nicehash, Nicehash V7 & SSL/TLS encrypted connections


Low DevFee (0.85%) ; every ~2 hours 1 minute mining for the dev
Non-agressive DevFee mining ; if miner can’t connect to DevFee pool, no problem, switching back to user pool ASAP


Only one parameter you have to play with : intensity (0 - 300)
Leave intensity on 0, and miner will try to set a minimum start intensity automatically
To get even better results, there is an option to use double threads


Watchdog that monitors your GPU threads, if they stop hashing for a few minutes, miner restarts itself
Hash monitor, if 5 minute average hash falls under the value you define, miner restarts itself
Set system shutdown temperature, to protect your GPU’s from overheating
Restart (disable/enable) Vega gpu’s with devcon before mining
API for rig monitoring


If you leave intensity on 0 it will play safe, so in many cases you can increase that value to get better results
For better results set double_threads to true, and leave intensity on 0
If you get an error that says it can’t create scratchpad buffer, you have to lower intensity
Largest intensity setting won’t always give you the best hashrate. Experiment and find the best setting for your GPU.

Here’s a (not complete) list of supported coins, and which algo has to be used














+ItaloCoin (from block 55.000)

Update infos :

Don’t copy newer version of miner over old one, or if you do make sure you delete .srb files from Cache folder before running it!

- Added new algo 'CN-Gpu' (faster than original implementation in Xmr Stak)
- Much better auto setup on some cards for 'CN-Turtle'
- Added check for last sent share time
- Added aliases for algos, to be more compatible with other miner names
- Prettier stats (when pressing 's'
- Minor bug fixes

- Added new algo 'CN-Fast2'
- Added new algo 'CN-Hospital'
- Added compute errors display in json & html stats
- Fixed a bug in networking code that could crash miner
- Fixed a bug with hashrate display on disabled gpu's
- Old_mode is now auto set on Vegas where needed
- A little re-design of miner startup


Speed increase on BitTube/Haven/Heavy/Italo algos up to ~10% (depends of gpu)
Small speed increase on V8 algo for Vegas
Added new algo CN-Dark [CryoNote]
Added new algo CN-Fest [Festival coin]
Added startup monitor which monitors miner startup process
Added new work mode for GPU hashrate watchdog [–gpuwatchdogdisablemode]
Added yet another gpu tuning parameter ‘aes’
Fixed a bug related to hash speed monitor and algo switching
Small bug fixes

Algo switching without miner restart
Benchmark everything from algos.txt and just paste the hashrates (–benchmarkalgos)
Added number of algo switches to API and stats
Added cmd parameter --resetmineronalgoswitch which forces miner to reset on algo change
Changed minimum --algoswitchmintime from 3 min to 30 sec, default is still 600 sec
Fixed API pool stats when not connected to a pool
Added cmd parameters --cjobtimeout, --cmaxdifficulty, --ckeepalive
When critical temp is reached, ADL temp is now logged before shutdown
Notification on too many compute errors (set with --gpuerrorsalert value)
Added a performance tuning parameter ‘fragments’ for gpu_conf and cmd
Fixed a bug that could crash miner on shutdown

Added possibility/support to set GPU’S with cmd parameters directly in start.bat
Added parameter --sendallstales , which enables sending of every stale share
Minor bug fixes


More speed on Vega56 cards on every algo (probably on Vega64 and VegaFE too, i don’t have them to test)
Added parameter --enableduplicategpuid (used in start.bat), that enables to use the same gpu id in gpu_conf multiple times
Removed useless kernels 3 and 4
Removed useless CPU opencl support


Added support for Italocoin new algo (from block 55.000)
Auto intensity for Vega cards improved, also managed to increase hashing speed on Vega cards for about ~1-1.5% (mainly on heavy algos)
If user uses non existing GPU id in gpu_conf, it will be ignored, no error will be thrown
Fixed miner crash when using a non AES capable CPU on some algos
Added Windows version and build in log
Added video driver version in log
Added info about CPU AES support in log
Statistics now shows number of stale shares that were accepted by pool
Added parameter ‘min_rig_speed_duration’ that can set period for ‘min_rig_speed’ parameter (minimum is 30 sec), default is 5 min


Changed IPBC/Bittube old algo to new BitTubeV2 algo (from block 110000)
Max difficulty reconnecting mechanism is now triggering instantly
Added ‘worksize’ option in config.txt, that is applied to every GPU (only if not set in gpu_conf)
Hopefuly fixed a bug with job timeout reconnecting
Hashrate watchdog now triggers even when user not connected to pool

poslano v temi :: SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner V1.7.9 - native algo switching
TorBro911 :: 27.02.2019 ob 19:46
Updated to 2.0.5 - 21.10.2018

Ewbf [Equihash] - Ewbfautorun.bat
Dstm [Equihash] - Dstmautorun.bat
Claymore [Equihash] - ClayZECautorun.bat
Claymore [CryptoNote] - ClayXMRautorun.bat
Claymore [NeoScrypt] - ClayNSautorun.bat
Claymore [Ethash] - ClayETHautorun.bat
Ethminer [Ethash] - Ethrautorun.bat
Ccminer [Multialgo] - CCautorun.bat
Cast XMR [CryptoNote] - Castautorun.bat
Phoenix [Ethash] - Phnxautorun.bat


Hello, guys! FarmWatchBot (Miner autorestart, autorun, watchdog) by Acrefawn (me).
Opensource CMD/BAT file. If you found or corrected an error, please contact me immediately!Together we can work out any bugs as well as add features and functionality to further automate the process of mining.

First of all I have to say, this script was developed for me and my friends. We did this to make the mining process easy and stable. This script helps monitor the mining process for errors and takes some corrective measures depending on the issue that arise from the miner or hardware. After much time of running this script personally to ensure its stability, I decided to share this script with the community.

Functionality is fully brought to the mind. Everything works without problems or errors and have been tested over and over. I’d personally like to thank those who spent their time and helped me to make this script better. You helped worked for the common cause! The script is in active development. Feature requests, suggested changes and error corrections are welcomed by everyone.

If you use this script, find it helpful, and it has stabilized your mining productivity then please donate. This is an open source project and you are not required to pay for it. When I ask for donations I’m not necessarily referring to monetary donations exclusively. You can donate with your SHARES, LIKES and FEEDBACK as well. Thank you very much!


Ignore SmartScreen, you can open .bat for editing and check that it is not a virus.
Windows 10 Pro x64 Creators Update or higher (May not work on others).
All programs for overclocking must be installed in their default directories.
Use path, folders, .bat file name in English, without special symbols and spaces.
The presence of miners .log file. The .bat script works using the data in your .log file. Make sure you added special option to the config.ini file. If you experience difficulties with the log file or this script, please delete config.ini file and run through steps 2 and 3 of the instructions again. This values already exist in default config.ini, just not remove them.
It is advised that you disable “User Account Control”.
Right click on the window of CMD prompt, then select “Properties” and remove the tick for “Quick Edit”.
Powershell WMF 5.1 (for premium Windows 7 users).
Use 24 hours format. (OS date/time settings).
I highly do not recommend modifications to the code by yourself. If you feel the need to make changes then please contact me with suggestions so that I can help. Any changes resulting with errors that need my technical assistance will not be done for free.


Download .bat file from [CMD] FarmWatchBot.rar!hIpW2Cra!A8vKzfKJfXdzk8jsszHkd47g8oevzyijF-Y8UEClxmc

Please do not rename it.
Move .bat file to the folder with the miner, double click the .bat file. A new config.ini file will be created with default settings at first run.
Close .bat CMD window and open the created config.ini file for editing. Configure settings in this file according to your needs using notepad. The configuration file is always at a higher priority than the variables inside the script.
Add a SHORTCUT to .bat file in your Startup folder (WIN+R shelltartup).
Run .bat file if you are satisfied with settings in the above mentioned files and enjoy the automation!

Fine tuning of the mining process by using of config.ini file.
Activity monitoring of GPU OC software such as MSI Afterburner, GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming Engine, ASUS GPU Tweak II, EVGA Precision X, AORUS Gaming Engine, Palit Thunder Masterand auto restart of it, if necessary.
Ability to auto enable specified Overclock Profiles for MSI Afterburner.
Average hashrate monitoring and control. Information about average hashrate, last total hashrate, current temperature, current pool server hourly reports in Telegram.
The ability to run and activity control another miner or any other programs (Minergate, TeamViewer, Storj etc).
Control of the active GPUs number, based on settings in config.ini or on last loaded amount.
Ability to periodically reboot the miner or computer with specified time intervals.
Reboots the PC after critical errors. This script uses an error list which includes errors that require the PC to be restarted in order to resolve the issue.
Monitors internet availability. Restarts PC in regular time intervals if connection has not restored.
Supports an extra back up pool server switch over, when main server is inaccessible.
GPU overheat control.
Checking the presence of the necessary files. Sorts logs into the Logs folder, with the ability to clean it. Maintain your logs in the autorun.log file. Errors, warnings, messages regarding successful start. Screenshot of the desktop in case errors occur and sort them into the Screenshots folder.

poslano v temi :: [CMD] FarmWatchBot (Autorun/Watchdog) for Ewbf, Claymore, Dstm, CCminer, Bminer, Ethminer, CastXMR, Phoenix