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Bitcoin Slovenija

Retiring to Slovenia

SemiRetired :: 23.05.2017 ob 11:29
Dear Slovenian Bitcoin Comunity,

Me, EU Citizen, and some other crypto Investors are considering to move to Slovenia because of the regulatory incentives your country seems to offer (besides the beautiful nature).
What are the developments since the following statement from the Financial Ministry in 2013?

Had you personal experience with declaring your bitcoin capital gains to your tax autorities and how did it work out for you?
Do you know tax attorneys knowledgable of the matter that can consult on the issues? Some experiences with that?
Any other private persons or crypto businesses that moved to Slovenia that you know?

thank you!
Bitcoin :: 23.05.2017 ob 19:13
If you are trading with bitcoins there is no tax, if you are mining, you will be taxed.
SemiRetired :: 24.05.2017 ob 10:54
Thanks Bitcoin, the original finance ministry statement said: they will look at it case by case. Any experience with that?
joeblack :: 03.08.2017 ob 12:30
hi, have you find somebody for your problems ? best regareds
kriptokolega :: 01.09.2017 ob 21:32
Semi retired I work for financial consulting and we can help you out in case you need some advice. regards
cuu :: 06.12.2017 ob 23:30
keep us updated